Nah, lebih ganteng kaya gini.

Nah, lebih ganteng kaya gini.


I wish this year could be a better season, here I am sipping coffee and starring at the ceiling.

And I’m all weird inside, I take my guitar out of the space, and then the past emerges, miss understanding, bad conversation from me.

Even you don’t care about my feeling, but I’m still your boyfriend when you get pain and I remember when you were dreaming, I was the ghost when you are lost

Yes I do!
I want to spend rest of my life with you..
Yes I do!
I’ll be your boyfriend and your number one fan

I can’t wait until I hear your amazing voice, but…when I dial your number, but your heart was not at home and start blaming my self.

And I…wanna better season…when I get Up…feel so much pain.
Should I give up?

Get out blink

Goodbye world, thanks for being here, thk you for being here, thanks God for being there.
My destiny its only a few hours, minutes, second, ect.
I will going to Mars! See you at there!


I want to thank you for never being there.
Your absence has forced me to find my own way. While others are led through life with a blindfold, I can see clearly, maybe the rain will wash me away.
I reject the thought of a god when all we see is the work of an ill-fated world.
I reject a liar’s cross… and Who am I to say what I believe is right for the masses?
I just know it’s right for me for this I have secured my place in hell, but every day I face is my own heaven in the makingO:)
What do you believe in?
What do you think is right?
Centuries have passed… the voice of reason is still being suppressed. Salvation dances in front of their faces, but they’re too blind to see! Fucked up!
Thank you for never being there.
Thank God for never being there.


Just Like

Sebenernya saya ga terlalu sering dengerin band band lokal, tapi entah gatau saya cuman ngerasa suka banget sama ini lyric, tapi lyric ini terlalu point banget, tapi juga ya saya suka sama ini.
Yuuuk check This one out.

-Sorry i quit

i saw your face but i was so dumb
i feel so empty to figure out
how need to be a good guy
to spend my time with you

you need somebody worse than me
but how it feel i’m not that youre the one who want
let me free, even that i know that you’re gonna come for me

and i’ve been try, and i’ve been try
but i can’t take it anymore
and im sorry and im sorry

you remind me all the time
you remind me all the time


I truly tired! But i dont want to break up:’) i’ve just very loving you but why you doin’ this for me?:’( i’m it’s your boyfriend!!!:’(
I dont know:’(( what was about myfeel now:’(


Though I look forward to my future, just know I’m scared to death.
After all is said and done, I won’t have a clue what to do next.
Will I struggle to find the answer?
Will I take an easy way out?
Or will I find the strength inside to carry on?
My greatest fear is amounting to nothing.

I fucking hate the fact that I feel no sense of security but more importantly, I hate the fact that I can’t confide in myself. It feels like nothing good will stay, unless I stay the same.

I need to find a way to dissolve the uncertainty. This is who I am and this is who I’ll always be.
I refuse to be afraid, of something I don’t know to be true.
I need to pick myself back up
I need to find a way to keep all the worry from head, before it sends me to an early grave.
I refuse to let fear define me.


This is the only thing I have worth holding onto.
I have condensed my past to fit the lines on the pages that no one will ever see, but still I fight, day after day ‘cause this is all I’ve ever wanted my life to be and I push everything I’ve ever loved away to keep myself from sinking.

If I find the bad in everything, I can never be attached. I’m trying to find a balance, trying to find my way, and every choice I’ve ever made brings me anywhere but home.
But, I’ve welcomed sacrifice with open arms, and I will never regret my decision.

This is the only thing I have worth holding onto.
This is the only thing that makes me feel alive.
I’ve simply been searching for the right place to rest my head.
I’m searching for common ground between all that I am, and all that you need me to be.

I’ve seen a future and want nothing to do with it!
A constant campaign to impress those who never ever cared.
I’m struggling but I won’t allow myself to sink.

Hmmmm…You know where to find me and I keep my composure and assume my place, in front of the people I love most.
You’re the reason why we’re here. I’m struggling, but I won’t allow myself to sink.


I’ve never told this to anyone. I’ve just tried to move past, but lately it seems that my insecurities have got the best of me and I’m no longer in control.

No one should ever have to feel like this or to feel like me even though the good I have outweighs the bad, the bad is what’s leaving me with sleepless nights.
I spend most of my time arguing with my own reflection. For no apparent reason and it may seem as if I have all the answers, but I’m just as lost as you.

I’ve spend the past few years trying to overcome my own misery, but these sort of things take time, and I’m running out of mine.

So I will pray to a God that isn’t there, to a world that doesn’t hear, to anyone who will listen, to keep me from becoming everything I promised myself that I would never be.
I do not deserve this.


Why you can’t understand about my feelin’?
Why you can’t will be angry if i’m make anything?
Why you always want to understood?
How can i say that i love you so much
How need to be a good guy to spent my timw with you?
Tell me anything now!:’(:’(

Just Hide

I need somebody to tell about my feelin’ and they’re can understanding me?
Pleaseeeee…. who they are?:’(:’(

Truly ‘Digression’

I can’t write full of shit.
The point is, that i’m not enough hv a good friends, good people or anything.
Digression of my self it’s truly shit! I don’t know whats goin’ on of myself, attitude on the worst thing of this all.
Like people know that “i’m always make fault” never ever make it all humans being happinies, never ever make loyality to them.
I just hope of my girl Yulia Nur Safitri being understanding me, spouse me, supported me, or makes me burn up to doin’ everyday, but i dont where is she when i need.
Pleaseeee i need your support not angry, i was to face the problems about ……….. (i can’t mention it)
Maybe, at the last time that i’m already gone of the world.
I had something that i cant say at this time.. i want to say all i wanted to tell you that i’m missing you, that i’m truly loving you, and i cant bring you to fun, i always make fault like you know that:’) please take care yourself yaaaa bcs i always look at you everywhere, someday.
The recent meet with you is very very great moment:’( see your smile, see your sad, see your angry, see your laugh:’(
Hmmmm… i just can to see your moment at all:’(
Bye my last serenade, bye my last destiny, take care yourself yeaaaa… i just want to you know that i miss you soo, i loveyou forever and forever still all myhearts.
See you someday, tommorow i will be just fine, i’m alright.

Yulia Nur Safitri